Teralyn and Matt’s Brantford, Ontario Wedding

Teralyn is my baby cousin. I remember when she was born, and I remember holding her. She was a sweet kid and a victim of my early photography days. Once, when she was 4, I made her stand up on the arm of a couch on her tippy toes so I could catch some amazing glowy sunlight that was shining through the basement window. Luckily my Aunt and Uncle didn’t witness that!  I wish I had that picture scanned in, but its packed away somewhere.  Before I started out shooting weddings, as I was learning this whole digital thing, I told Teralyn and her sister Robyn that one day I’d shoot their weddings. Well, here I am, many years later!  It was so amazing to hang out with my family, who I rarely get to see anymore since I moved away from Ontario years ago to start university. If only Grandma Stillie could have seen you that day Teralyn, you are beautiful!

More Cousins!!!!
And how could I not get a picture with the bride? This is a SLR selfie. Love you guys!

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