Nikki and Justin, married. {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

Nikki and Justin, your wedding day was amazing!  I love all the weddings I get to shoot, and each one has so many special traditions.  Nikki and Justin’s stands out for me because not only was it a kick-ass party with lots of kick-ass people, but it was my first time shooting a tea ceremony. It was a cold, stormy morning, and things were lightening and warming up for formals and the wedding ceremony. Of course, as soon as Nikki and her father were walking down the aisle, the sky opened up and let go of all it had. My camera got soaked and fogged up during the processional, but luckily I always have two on hand…… can’t be too careful! Shortly thereafter, the sun came out and dried everyone off.  There ceremony was held at Rainer Gardens, which is a beautiful venue.  The owners were so helpful trying to keep everyone as dry as possible. After the ceremony, everyone traveled to the Delta South, where the reception was being held at the Top of the Inn. Sarah from Studio Optica, who did Nikki and Justin’s videography, pre-recorded the speeches in advance to take pressure off the presenters, and it was such a great idea!  It was just as emotional and impactful, and people say exactly what they want, without nerves getting in the way.  Afterwards, the dance was hilarious, and there was a dance off between Nikki’s side and Justin’s side. I can’t remember who won, but it was definitely memorable! Nikki and Justin, thanks so much for letting me follow you around all day, and treating me like I was one of the gang.  I had such a great time and the love your friends and family has for the two of you is unparalleled. I hope you love your photos and they bring back wonderful memories of your day!
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