Kim and Martin, Married | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

All day at Kim and Martin’s wedding, I was struck by how much everyone loved each other. Of course weddings are all about love, and I see it at every one, but this wedding was even more so.  Kim was extra lucky, in that her grown children were able to participate. Most brides have their mothers help them get ready, at least the ones that are lucky enough to still have their moms. Kim not only had her mother there, but she had her sweet daughter helping her with the final preparations. Her daughter did up her dress and was there for her mom like a best friend.  That truly touched my heart. Then, on top of that, Kim had her son walk her down the aisle.  How lucky is that? Both children openly welcomed Martin into their family and helped with their young sister. There were so many tears of joy and happiness. I usually tell my couples that I LOVE it when they cry, the more tears the better.  The so called “ugly” cry.  Ironically, this ugly cry is the most beautiful thing, because it really communicates such exultant happiness and raw emotion.  It is honest. I loved that and Kim and Martin’s wedding did not disappoint. So, if you cry at a wedding, rest assured I will be right there.  Don’t turn away from the camera…..embrace it!  It is the best thing ever. Thank you Kim and Martin for having me as part of your day! I wish you the best of happiness and years more of ugly cries!


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